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Tomaatti-ohjeita ;-)
« : 24 Heinäkuu 2012, 12:12 »

Re: CB750A Wheelies!
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2012, 08:28:33 pm »


Second time that picture's on the forums. I posted it the first time in Sam's Hondamatic build. Just because you don't start with much power doesn't mean that you can't add it. Yes, a few Hondamatics will do legit wheelies. It requires torque to cause  the  front wheel to start up toward the sky as you get into the fat part of the powerband. A good rear tire is also needed. When you start running low 12's in the quarter like the bike in the picture (Dale Walker), you may have the results shown. I didn't go skyward until I got into the 11's. Wheelie bars help to prevent that wasted motion. My bike wheelies about 100' out with a 10" extended wheelbase, goes up until the wheelie bar wheels hit, then it comes right back down. It's a power wheelie - slow to come up. Check out Sam's Hondamatic build in the high performance section. If they tune it right with the better cam, it will soon be challenging Sam's skills this November.  You can build a lot more power (and fun) into your Hondamatic. It's not top end power, but is improved especially in the midrange. Drag Hondamatics would make great street bikes. Crisp throttles, good idles, quick starts, and power that just pulls well right up to redline. Just don't use the clutch version SOHC setups as they are designed for higher rpm operations.  ;)

                                                          Jon Weeks